Wireless Endzone Camera

New WIRELESS Endzone System

25' No wires, no more cables to pull and break

The new total WIRELESS 25' Endzone System is a new generation in technology innovation, easy and quick setup makes this system the most reliable and durable. Featuring EVS patented winch for easy pole rising and lowering.


Remote Control With All Functions Integrated

Electronic PAN/TILT device

7" TFT High Definition RF Video Receiver

Monitor Sun Shade

Lithium Batteries and Chargers

Compact Command Receiver

25' Tower With Rising Lowering Winch

Digital HD Camcorder

SD Memory Card


Dual Camera System

Digital PiggyBack

Wide - Tight Dual Camera System

The DIgital Piggyback dual camera system will record wide and tight simultaneously controlling the Record/Stop with the push of a sinlge button, also controlling the camcorder Zoom thru its dual remote control. Featuring two 7" TFT HDMI high resolution color monitors will let hte user have a better operation experience. Dual mounting frame made of aluminum T6000 series features adjustable top plate angle,very important to match both cameras center view.


Dual Remote Control

Dual Aluminum Frame

2 TFT HDMI HD Monitors

Water Tight Carrying Case

Smooth Fluid Tripod And Carrying Bag

2 HD Camcorders

2 Memory Cards


Wireless Camera Link Up

G Link Wireless Side Line / Endzone Link

Control All Your Cameras Wirelessly

Control your side line camcorders and Endzone camcorder all at te same time wirelessly with just one single button press. Easy to set up and compact high range system providing reliability and productivity. No other controls need it to work, since this system includes all camcorder functions REC-PAUSE, ZOOM IN-OUT and POWER camcorder control. Compatible with Sony and Canon Camcorders. 10 hours Running time!


Side Line Dual Control Transmitter

Endzone Receiver / Controller

2 Compact Lithium Batteries and Chargers

Compatible to all Endzone and Side Line systems


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